Play Solitaire in Its Many Version

There are lots of versions of the game on world of solitaire , so it is easy to play solitaire almost endlessly without getting bored. Each edition has different rules and different layouts. This game is also known as Patience. After playing many games without a win it becomes clear where that name came from.

Different Solitaire games

Some of the genres of solitaire are:

These are only few of them. There are 100s. usually, though, when any person wants to play solitaire, they are thinking about Klondike.

Rules and play

General play contains dealing cards in a tableau, or unique pattern. There is generally a draw or a stock pike and a discard or foundation pile. The object of the game is to either clear the tableau or to form a more complex according to the rules. Rules specific to each genre makes it a fully separate game. About the only general trait is the fact it can be played by oneself. Some card games can be played by more than single player, but each player is building their own tableau.

Online play

For centuries, the just way to play solitaire Online was with physical cards. Sometimes, lots of time was needed to setup the tableau for some intricate designs. But, with the advancement of online play, it has become easy to click a button and the play will be set up for you. You spend your time playing, with the fun of action and online sound. It has fully replaced how the game is played.

Number of cards

Most games are enjoyed with only one 52-card deck. Some games, anyway, use 2 decks. Spider is one such game. It is claimed to be the most dear games, and to be the most addictive. There are various editions of Spider as well. Some are simpler than others to win, but all are fun.

To download or not

Some internet games need download of the game program. Others do not need any download. If the program is not downloaded, then the player must have ongoing online connection.


This game has got a lot a popularity, and in PCs, it is accessible with the most basic installation of the OS of Microsoft. The game interface is user friendly and even a person with a general knowledge of Windows handle a game of Solitaire without any difficulty.

Many variations of this game has appeared and some examples are FreeCell, Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire. Playing a game of solitaire online needs logical thinking and planning ahead a few moves in order to reject stuck in a deadlock. You can undo your moves in case you are caught in a deadlock but this will cut points from your score. An element of chance is also involved in this entertainment.

This is an extremely enjoyable game and you will definitely want to repeat play after you get the hang of it. It is an amazing game to relax and unwind. It can also be played on any occasion, like a picnic and family reunion.

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