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Some 7th- to 10th-century manuscripts trace the earliest instance of playing cards to China. The earliest authentic references to playing cards in Europe dates back to circa 1377, and the history of English playing cards dates back to mid 15th century.

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Per the basic rules of a card game, when a game is played, the players arrange themselves in a circle around a horizontal surface on which the cards will be played. The players face inwards, and are seated so that they cannot see each other’s cards.

A pack of cards is used to play card games. All cards are identical in shape and size, and each card has a two sides; one being the face and another the back. Backs in a pack are indistinguishable and faces may all be unique, depending on the game. In both cases, any card is identifiable by its face. The set of cards is called a pack in British English and deck in U.S. English.

In a number of card games, cards in a pack are grouped in suits. Dealing is done either counterclockwise or clockwise. It is usually assumed that the dealing is clockwise for games from North America, North and West Europe and Russia; counterclockwise for South and East Europe and Asia, also for Swiss games and all Tarot games.

Card games for a solo player are called Solitaire in the U.S and Patience in the U.K.

Some of the popular traditional card games are Bridge, Canasta, Cribbage, Euchre, Hearts, Pinochle, Pitch, Rummy, Solitaire, Spades and Whist.

WWE Wrestlemania X8 Game Review

I was at Best Buy one day and I noticed a bunch of games on sale but one game stood out the most(maybe because it was the only one worth getting)and it was WrestleMania X8. I picked it up and went home and was expecting a below average game but boy was I wrong. After playing with it for about 5 hours I decided to read some reviews on the internet and try to understand why this game didn’t get good scores. Well after reading a couple I realized that many were comparing this game to No Mercy when they really should have been comparing it to Smackdown. THQ even announced that they would not be working with AKI and still people were expecting a No Mercy sequel when they knew they were going to get more of a Smackdown type game. No offense to my co-worker Ron Teeter but in my opinion his review did not do this game justice and I’m writing this review to set things straight.


The game starts off with some highlights of Wrestlemania X8 and is really nice to watch but the background music is so borrrriiinnnngggg. Well I thought things would get better but not only did the opening music suck but so does the menu screen music. It kind of reminded me of Gameboy music. Well anyways the Menu layout is fairly simple, just pick what type of match you want and how many players are going to play yada-yada-yada. Overall really user friendly.


When I played Smackdown on PS2 I wasn’t that impressed at all with the character models. For some strange reason they always looked like poster cut-outs and cartoony. I was really hoping Yukes would make the graphics appeal to me in WMX8 and boy did they. The character models now look “realer” and smooth and sometimes even show how well they designed their muscles. The character models are beautifully done. The arenas on the other hand are just plain AMAZING. The detail they put into the arenas really surprised me. The lighting effects in the game are used really well to give the arenas that special touch as well. Let me get one thing straight though, these arenas and character models still don’t compare to those in Raw, but really come close. REALLY CLOSE.


The entrance music as we all know is a big part of the experience and just gives you the atmosphere and Yukes did a wonderful job with the quality of the music they inserted in their game. On the downside though there still is no commentary, which at that point was inexcusable. Even if it was bad, they still should have put it in with an option to turn it off. I just simply cannot forgive Yukes for that. Another downside is the in-game music. Yes just like in the Smackdown series Yukes has yet again put in some techno beat and it just doesn’t flow with the game. ANOTHER downside is that Yukes DID NOT get licenses to all the superstars theme songs. So far I noticed Booker T, Tazz, NWO do not have their original songs. On the bright side though(finally a good thing)they did substitute them very well. The hits also sound real


I want to get things straight with you right now. I did enjoy the AKI games but always thought Yukes series was better. Maybe it was the speed of their games or how many more options their games had…..I don’t know. Well to say the least the gameplay in WMX8 is superior to that of Smackdown in many ways. First off, in my opinion, the controls are very simple. A is to grapple, B is to punch, Y is to go against the ropes and both L and R are used to reverse your opponents moves. I really don’t see what’s so awkward about the controls. They seem basic but play beautifully so what’s the problem I have no idea. What’s also great about the title is that it keeps things running at 60 fps no matter what you’re doing. So no more annoying slowdowns like in No Mercy. The game is also somewhat quick like Smackdown which is great because you want things to run fast in this type of game. On the downside though the game is glitchy but not glitchy as in your arm goes through your opponents, because that will hardly ever happen, but glitchy as in you kick out of the pin but the referee still counts. This can get annoying at times but I noticed it rarely happens. While it will cost you the WWE belt sometimes it’s not nearly as annoying as the A.I. It just seems the computer reverses your moves WAY to much even when their spirit is down (Yes there is a spirit meter now that indicates if your doing really good in the game or really bad.) What’s the most annoying part is that even after you hit your finisher and decide to hit them with a weapon just for good measure they get right back up as if you had never hit your finisher to begin with. While the A.I has its downsides, it doesn’t mean you can’t win and the game is still very, very playable and enjoyable. One of my biggest dislikes about this game is that it features absolutely no story mode. This is a major blow but then again the way Yukes incorporates their stories in their games suck(ie:Smackdown 3)but still either way they should have thrown one in there just to satisfy the hardcore fans. One really has to hope though that Yukes corrects this in the next installment of this franchise.


This game like the wrestling games before it(except Royal Rumble on the DC and RAW on the Xbox) has loads of match types and options. Here’s a run down

Path of a Champion- Just pick the belt your aiming for and select your superstar and your ready to become the next big thing

Create a Superstar(CAW)- In my opinion this is not the best CAW but not the worst. It just gives you the basics but I was really hoping they would have gone a little deeper with such an important option.

Battle For The Belts- Select a custom belt and get ready to rumble for it(Note:this option requires 2 players)

Tag-Your basic tag match pitting you and a buddy against 2 computers

Handicap-Don’t feel you can take down The Rock by yourself well grab a partner and then you can both whoop him WWE style

Fatal 4-Way-Square off against 3 opponents and who ever gets the first pin wins the match

Battle Royal-Eliminate one opponent at a time to emerge victorious

Royal Rumble-Your basic Royal Rumble with the option of setting how many will participate and if they come at random but unlike the Smackdown Royal Rumbles, once your out your out for good.

Match Types

  • Normal Match-Just you against a buddy or the computer
  • Hardcore Match-Surround yourself in weapons and use them at all cost in order to win your match
  • Cage Match-Beat your opponent down to a pulp and then TRY to get out of the 10 foot squared cage.
  • Hell in the Cell– Same as a Cage match but with a roof and now you can break out of the cage climb on top and beat your opponent on top of the cage and throw him off.
  • Ladder Match-the title is hung high above you, the only way to get it, climb the ladder and reach for it. That’s if you can survive your opponent.
  • Table Match-Try to get your enemy on top of a table then smash him right through it to win
  • TLC Match- The most popular match in the WWE. Now you can experience Tables, Ladders and Chairs as you try to defeat your opponent so bad that it gives you enough time to climb up the ladder and reach for the belt.
  • Replay Value After you’ve gotten all the belts there isn’t really anything to unlock except a few characters and arenas but that’s it. But the multi-player is what keeps this game alive it’s just really fun and probably the best in a wrestling game.
  • Score Recap Presentation:The opening movie is ok but the background music is boring and the just seems Yukes didn’t put enough time into this area. Menu lay out is very user friendly though.
  • Graphics: Character models look better than Smackdown’s but not as good as Raw’s. The arenas are best I’ve seen yet.
  • Sound: Lame techno beats and no commentary sucks but the entrance theme songs are done perfectly and the sounds of the hits sound real.
  • Gameplay: Controls are easy and everything runs smooth but AI just counters moves way too much and lack of story mode doesn’t help. Still very enjoyable.
  • Features: A lot to do here but the CAW really should have been worked on more. But high number of matches helps the game a lot.
  • Replay Value:Well once your done getting the belts there’s nothing else to do but to unlock a couple of things but the multi-player is what will keep you coming back for more.

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Story of Tetris Game – Back To History

Tetris is one of the few games that achieves ultimate popularity. It is remarkably simple, yet remarkably difficult. It’s been ported to every computer and game console known to man, and has sold millions of cartridges, tapes, and disks across the land. Now a day you can play Tetris Online Game On your broswer.

Tetris Game

Besides that, it also led to one of the most interesting legal battles in the history of video games, leading to the famed Tengen version of Tetris and to the downfall of a few companies. It’s a pretty cool story, so let’s get down to business. Hold on for a second while I set the time machine to cruise control.. The Key Figures in the Tetris Saga are:

Alexey Pajitnov

Invents Tetris in 1985 while working at the Moscow Academy of Science’s Computer Centre. Alexey moved to the USA to work for Microsoft after the success of Tetris.

Evgeni Nikolaevich Belikov

Head of Elorg, the Russian ministry for import and export of software and hardware. Belikov is the man with whom all negotiations about Tetris had to be done.

Robert Stein

President of British software house Andromeda. Sells Tetris rights to Robert Maxwell’s Mirrorsoft UK and US affiliate Spectrum Holobyte before he’s negotiated anything concrete with the Russians.

Kevin Maxwell

Son of Robert Maxwell and head of Mirrorsoft UK. Buys all Tetris rights (except arcade and hand-held) from Stein not knowing that Stein has no formal contract with the Russians.

Henk Rogers

American entrepreneur and video games enthusiast. Nintendo employs Rogers to get the hand-held Tetris rights to support the launch of Game Boy.

From The Beginning:

June 1985
Inspired by a pentominoes game he had bought earlier, Alexey Pazhitnov creates Tetris on an Electronica 60 at the Moscow Academy of Science’s Computer Center. It is ported to the IBM PC by Vadim Gerasimov and starts spreading around Moscow. Pazhitnov gets a small degree of fame for his program.

July 1986
The PC version makes its way to Budapest, Hungary, where it is ported to the Apple II and Commodore 64 by Hungarian programmers. These versions catch the eye of Robert Stein, president of the British software house Andromeda. He plans to get the rights to the PC version from Pazhitnov directly, and to get the other versions from the Hungarian programmers. Even before Stein gets in touch with Pazhitnov or the Academy, he sells all the rights to Tetris (except for arcade and handheld versions) to Mirrorsoft UK and its USA affiliate, Spectrum Holobyte, owned by Robert Maxwell’s Pergamon Foundation.

November 1986
Stein wires a contract for the rights to Tetris to the Academy. Although Pazhitnov would later say that he did not mean to give a firm go-ahead to the deal, Stein goes ahead and flies to Moscow to sign the contract. He returns empty-handed; the Russians made up for their lack of knowledge of the video game world with obstinance. Stein makes a plan to essentially steal Tetris, to claim it was invented by the Hungarian programmers.

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Play Solitaire in Its Many Version

There are lots of versions of the game on world of solitaire , so it is easy to play solitaire almost endlessly without getting bored. Each edition has different rules and different layouts. This game is also known as Patience. After playing many games without a win it becomes clear where that name came from.

Different Solitaire games

Some of the genres of solitaire are:

These are only few of them. There are 100s. usually, though, when any person wants to play solitaire, they are thinking about Klondike.

Rules and play

General play contains dealing cards in a tableau, or unique pattern. There is generally a draw or a stock pike and a discard or foundation pile. The object of the game is to either clear the tableau or to form a more complex according to the rules. Rules specific to each genre makes it a fully separate game. About the only general trait is the fact it can be played by oneself. Some card games can be played by more than single player, but each player is building their own tableau.

Online play

For centuries, the just way to play solitaire Online was with physical cards. Sometimes, lots of time was needed to setup the tableau for some intricate designs. But, with the advancement of online play, it has become easy to click a button and the play will be set up for you. You spend your time playing, with the fun of action and online sound. It has fully replaced how the game is played.

Number of cards

Most games are enjoyed with only one 52-card deck. Some games, anyway, use 2 decks. Spider is one such game. It is claimed to be the most dear games, and to be the most addictive. There are various editions of Spider as well. Some are simpler than others to win, but all are fun.

To download or not

Some internet games need download of the game program. Others do not need any download. If the program is not downloaded, then the player must have ongoing online connection.


This game has got a lot a popularity, and in PCs, it is accessible with the most basic installation of the OS of Microsoft. The game interface is user friendly and even a person with a general knowledge of Windows handle a game of Solitaire without any difficulty.

Many variations of this game has appeared and some examples are FreeCell, Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire. Playing a game of solitaire online needs logical thinking and planning ahead a few moves in order to reject stuck in a deadlock. You can undo your moves in case you are caught in a deadlock but this will cut points from your score. An element of chance is also involved in this entertainment.

This is an extremely enjoyable game and you will definitely want to repeat play after you get the hang of it. It is an amazing game to relax and unwind. It can also be played on any occasion, like a picnic and family reunion.

Old Sega Crazy Taxi Game

You can play the Crazy Taxi game right here online plus many other Taxi driving games that we have got for you!The original Crazy Taxi game is great fun to play and you have to either dodge or jump over the cars that are in your way.

Crazy Taxi is a series of score attack racing video games that was developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega. The first game appeared in arcades in 1999 and was very successful, prompting Sega to port the arcade version to their Dreamcast console in 2000.

Each game has the player assume the role of a taxi driver who must accumulate money by delivering passengers to their destinations in the fastest time possible, earning tips by performing “crazy stunts” before the time runs out. The franchise has been recognized for its innovative gameplay design which is easy to learn but difficult to master, its use of in-game advertising, and its soundtrack music provided by the bands The Offspring and Bad Religion. The core gameplay mechanic has been patented by Sega, leading to at least one lawsuit over similar gameplay in The Simpsons: Road Rage, which has since been settled out of court.

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